Start purchasing and feel the magic of
shopping with Umico!

Introducing one of the largest lotteries in Azerbaijan

- magical Umico Bingo campaign!

For the first time, prizes will be raffled every hour for 55 days!
A total of 660 prizes and a grand prize - JEEP Renegade SUV!

01. Download the Umico App

Umico mobile application is an opportunity to get back cashback from your purchases with over 1000 partner companies


02.Make purchases of over 10 AZN

Each purchase over 10 AZN with Umico gives you a golden ticket to enter a raffle with 660 valuable prizes


03. Choose prizes and register your purchases in the raffle

Every 10 AZN in one receipt gives you one chance in the prize draw, and if you pay using your Umico bonuses, the chances are doubled


04. Strive for the grand prize - Jeep Renegade

Every 100 AZN in one receipt gives you one chance in the grand prize draw - Jeep Renegade SUV, and paying with your Umico bonuses, doubles the chances

Umico Bingo - your smart shopping assistant

With Umico, find, buy and earn with every purchase, as well as - win prizes every hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular FAQs regarding Umico Bingo lottery. If you do not find the answer, call 915

Umico is a mobile application that brings together all companies and stores of Azerbaijan that offer cashback. This means that buying with them, gets you back a % of the cost of all your purchases with Umico bonuses. The accumulated bonuses can be spent on new purchases with Umico partners. Umico helps you find companies and stores you need, build routes, find out working hours and other useful information before your purchase. Today Umico has more than 1000 partners, including Bravo, Azercell, Optimal, World Telecom, Alma Store, Go Sport, Flo, Ideal, Sabina, Istikbal, Madame Coco and many others.

Download the application and register. In the application, you will find a digital bonus card and a catalogue of Umico partners. Choose where you want to do your purchases and go shopping. Just show your bonus card at the checkout before paying for the purchase, directly from the application, and you will be credited with a cashback.

Umico Bingo is one of the largest lotteries in Azerbaijan. In the first season, from December 1, 2019 to January 26, 2020, 660 valuable prizes and a grand prize - Jeep Renegade SUV - will be raffled. To take part in the draws, download the Umico app.

We recommend filling out all the profile fields so that when you win, you can confirm your purchase and get your prize.

Open the Umico Bingo section in the application, select a prize, click "Participate in the draw". The list of your purchases available for registration in the draws will be automatically drawn up. Select a suitable purchase from the list and click on "Select purchase"

One purchase with an amount of 10 AZN made between 11/29/2019 and 01/24/2020, gives the right to participate in the drawing of one prize.

Every 10 AZN in the cost of your purchase (in one receipt) is a sole chance in a prize draw. Every 100 AZN in one receipt is one chance in the drawing of a grand prize - Jeep Renegade SUV. If all your purchases have been paid with bonuses, your bets will double.

If you register a purchase in the draw that has been fully paid for with bonuses, your chances of winning will double. Every full 10 bonuses in the cost of your purchase is 2 chances in the prize draw. Every full 100 bonuses is 2 chances in the drawing of a grand prize - Jeep Renegade car. With partial bonus payment for purchases, the chances do not double

You do not need to register in the grand prize draw. All your purchases worth over 100AZN, registered in regular prize draws, participate in the grand prize draw. Therefore, to win, just make purchases with Umico for an amount over 100 AZN and register them to participate in daily raffles..

Every day, from 11.00 to 22.00 winners will be published in our application. You can find out who won by the last three digits of Umico card number.

The prize can be attained within 90 business days from the date of the draw. To receive a prize or a certificate for a prize in a partner store until January 26, 2020 (inclusive), come to the Umico Bingo stand in Ganjlik Mall (St. Fatali Khan Khoyski, 14). Starting January 27, a prize or a certificate for a prize in the Umico partner store can be obtained at the following address: st. Nizami, 203, "AF Business House". Please contact the organizer in advance by calling 915 or +994 12 210 00 21

The grand prize - Jeep Renegade SUV - will be raffled on January 26 at 6 p.m. on the - first floor of Ganjlik Mall shopping center. To receive the grand prize, please contact the organizer by phone 915 or +994 12 210 00 21

Feel the Magic of Shopping With Umico!

You choose the prizes!

From December 1 to January 26, you will receive 12 prizes every day and a grand prize Jeep Renegade! All you need to play and win, is to make purchases with Umico and register them in the draws!